Sunday, January 18, 2015

Important Announcement

Hello everyone! First off, I would like to let you know that the long-awaited results to the 2014 New Years Countdown will be posted both here and on idol BEATS Radio's facebook page tomorrow! (The winner of the drawing for an idol CD will be chosen a week later.) Many of you have contacted me asking about the results, and I'm very sorry it has taken so long, and that they were no played on the station on New Years Eve or Day as planned.

This leads into what I need to talk about, so please continue reading.

I am struggling keeping this station at the level and activity I would like it to be at. I am passionate about idols and this station and never want to drop it, but I really need your help. As I've stated before, this is currently a one-(wo)man operation. I am currently doing everything on my own. However, I currently have a LOT happening in my life, and it's making it difficult to make sure there is a good variety of songs playing every day, let alone do everything else I'd like to do with the station. (As I'm sure several of you have noticed, I currently have no January Single Spotlights.)

I'm reaching out to all of you to ask for help. If you love this station and want to see it keep up, and/or are as passionate about idols as I am, I ask you join me as an idol BEATS Radio staff member.

My hope is to have a few people join me, so we can split up work and make it an easy job for all of us. There are several tasks I can split people up doing, and my hope is to make these tasks as small as possible so no one person has anything too time-consuming. This, of course, depends on how many people offer to help. The jobs that I am potentially looking to fill are:

  • Single Spotlight Collector: This job would simply be creating a list of every idol single you can find releasing each month. This person (or people) would need to actually seek out idol releases, often checking regular forums, CD websites, official idol websites, etc. for as many single releases as they can find. You'd need to find the artist, the single title, and the release date. Finding things such as MV previews, live performances, and track lists would probably be optional, but appreciated.

  • Single Spotlight Writer: This person would write up posts for Single Spotlights. Posts don't require massive amounts of info, just the info that the collector provides you with, listed in order by release date, along with links to where the single can be purchased.

  • Single Spotlight Recorder: This is a job that I am unsure if I will fill, and if I do it will still be split between the other person and me. This job would require you being comfortable with your voice being heard by listeners, as you would be taking the info from the Single Spotlight Collector and recording yourself saying it. You would then need to provide a preview of the single (hopefully containing about one verse and one chorus). This would all need to be put into one mp3 track to be played on the station. The challenging part is, the track has to be exactly 2 minutes long. I have created a script that usually leads to it being about this length, but when a particularly long, short, or uniquely composed idol song is being used, it can be a bit difficult to work it to two minutes, and may require talking slower, faster, or providing more or less info. 

  • Inactive Idol Finder: This job would be pretty simple, and shouldn't be time-consuming. This person would need to seek out any information on idol groups that are in anyway disbanding, going on hiatus, etc. and let me know. When it comes to underground idols, this information isn't always in broad daylight, so they may have to really seek it out. IF needed, I may provide a (constantly updated) list of underground idols currently playing on the station, so they can then keep an eye on those idols specifically.
If you are interested in possibly taking over one or several of these jobs, please contact me at I can also be reached through the idol BEATS facebook page or twitter, but email is my preferred method of contact. If this works out, all idol BEATS staff members will be added to a staff page so everyone knows who is helping to make this station possible! This page would include basic info such as name (you can use your real name or a common nickname or username you are known by), age (optional), country (optional) and possibly some info such as favorite idol group, song, etc.

At this time I still plan to do all things related to the stations scheduling, such as seeking out new idol songs to play, uploading and deleting music, and scheduling what will be played and when on the station each day. I will also likely be helping with each of these tasks, especially if anyone is struggling, but my hope is that this takes away some of my duties so I can keep the station updated and playing as much variety as I would like it to on a regular basis.

Of course, if you are not able to offer to take on any sort of task with idol BEATS Radio but would still like to help the station, please visit the "idol BEATS Radio needs YOUR help" page for little things you can do to help! And remember, one way you can always help is by listening a lot and by sharing and promoting idol BEATS Radio! There are still several idol fans who do not know this station exists, so please spread the word any way you can! Share news of the station on social media, tell friends, put a link in your signature on forums, make a blog post, or add an idol BEATS Radio player to your blog!

Please send me an email ASAP if you are interested in helping out in any way!

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