Wednesday, May 27, 2015

idol BEATS Radio Re-launch Fundraiser

Back when idol BEATS Radio was shut down, many of you contacted me saying you would be willing to donate to help keep idol BEATS Radio running with a new host (which would require a monthly fee.) This made me extremely happy, but was not something I could look into much at the time, due to the timing of things. (I was unbelievably busy at the time, and the amount of time and research it'd take to find the right place to re-launch, run a fundraiser for it, and re-upload and plan an entire station would be impossible.)

However, I now have enough time to take on the task, and am so excited to have the opportunity to try and get idol BEATS Radio back! I have opened a GoFundMe campaign to try and gain donations to cover a monthly fee. You can access it and make donations here:

As you can read in the story on that page, I am not expecting or needing the goal to be met in order to re-launch the station. The goal was chosen through looking through a lot of hosting options and opportunities for the station. It can be done on less, but can possibly do better on more. My plan is to see what is raised, and with that decide what host will be give the best for what seems affordable. If the fundraiser has a strong start, I will begin trying to have idol BEATS Radio begin its re-launch immediately, even before the campaign is over.

After the campaign ends (depending on how well or not-well it did), this website will likely get an optional "donate" button. It will not be advertised or pushed in your face, but simply be an option for if people want to help be sure the station continues running. idol BEATS is completely non-profit. No money earned for idol BEATS Radio will ever go to anything that is not directly related to the station.

Another way to cover this monthly fee when the campaign ends will be through Single Spotlights. As you likely remember, if you bought a single through the Single Spotlight links, a percentage of the money would go towards idol BEATS Radio. Rather than going into new music, that money will all go  towards keeping the station running. (Which means we will need it more than ever if this is successful, so be sure to always check the Single Spotlights and see if there is something you enjoy!)

If you are not able to donate:

Even as little as $1 would be extremely helpful in re-opening idol BEATS Radio, but I know that of course, many of you can not afford to donate. So, if you still want to help idol BEATS re-launch, here is what you can do:

  • Blog about the potential re-launch of idol BEATS Radio. Talk about what you enjoyed about the station, and share this post or this link Nothing is more powerful than getting the word out there!

  • Show your support by following idol BEATS Radio on social media, if you don't already. If you can't support financially, at least show you're a fan and awaiting a relaunch. It's not all about financial support! You can follow at as well as

  • Keep an eye out for the tweets from idol BEATS Radio during this fundraiser! I plan to use the twitter to tweet about upcoming idol releases with links, like a brief, shortened version of single spotlights (but potentially with albums included) and like before, the links will fund idol BEATS Radio! So even if you don't feel comfortable donating directly, if you happen to find an idol release you are interested in purchasing through the twitter, you can purchase it and help our re-launch at no extra cost! Or, if you know of an upcoming idol release that you plan to buy, or simply think people should know about, let me know through a private message on the facebook page or twitter, or at