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idol BEATS Radio was a one-person operation for a little over a year, but now, we are welcoming volunteers aboard to help make sure the station is at the absolute best it can be! We are from all over the world, from different interests and backgrounds, here to try spread idol music around the globe! With the help of several people, idol BEATS Radio is able to stay running, and continue growing to be something even bigger and better!
These are the people behind idol BEATS Radio:

Name: Caitlin
Age: 20
Location: Michigan
Station Job: Creator/Owner (Collects and upload songs, set the schedule each day, helps where needed, etc.)
Favorite Idol: Airi Suzuki
Favorite idol groups: Dancing Dolls,
°C-ute, GEM, Fairies, Babyraids
Hobbies/interests outside of idols: Acting, Dance, Singing, Writing, Doctor Who
Work/Field of Study: Currently taking general classes at community college as I decide what to do. Leaning towards getting a teaching degree, as well as a possible minor in theatre.

Name: Noa
Age: 21
Location: UK
Station Job: Single Spotlight Ad Creator (Records/puts together Single 
Spotlight ads heard on the station)
Favorite Idol: Kodama Haruka
Favorite idol groups: H!P, 48G, BABYMETAL, BELLRING Shoujo Heart

Hobbies/interests outside of idols: Anime, Drawing
Work/Field of Study: Medical Student

Name: MTSayuRin
Age: 33
Location: Finland
Station Job: Single Collector (Seeks out each idol single releasing every month for Single Spotlights)
Favorite Idol of All Time: Sayumi Michishige
Favorite Current Idol: Airi Suzuki
Favorite idol groups: Morning Musume, °C-ute, Orange Port, RYUTist, Sakura Gakuin 
Hobbies/interests outside of idols: Languages

Name: Sammy
Location: Southern California
Station Job: Single Spotlight Ad Creator (Records/puts together Single 
Spotlight ads heard on the station)
Favorite Idol: Kitazawa Saki
Favorite idol groups: AKB48, JKT48, Up Up Girls, Morning Musume, Fairies 
Hobbies/interests outside of jpop: Singing, pets, traveling, anime
Work/Field of Study: Psychology, marketing
Personal Tumblr:
Platinum Happy Group Tumblr:

Name: Michi
Age: 26
Location: Philippines
Station Job: Single Spotlight Writer (Researches and creates the written information for Single Spotlights)
Favorite Idol of All Time: Sayumi Michishige
Favorite idol groups (up to 5): Morning Musume, Houkago Princess, °C-ute, Doll☆Elements, Tokyo Girls' Style
Hobbies/interests outside of idols: Books (Classics), Broadway, Old Hollywood Movies, Classical Music, Singing, Writing
Work/Field of Study: Graduating student in the field of communication, specializing in communication with technology as a medium. Written and been published in local newspapers and a local lifestyle magazine. Hoping for a career in writing, but also considering a career in Human Resources. 

idol BEATS Radio could still use more staff to allow things to get done even quicker, and leave more time to develop and expand the station! If you're interesting in offering even a bit of your time, please email

Also, remember, the best things you can all do if you care about the station are listen plenty, share it with others on social media, and use the links provided by us on the Single Spotlights page before purchasing idol singles! Using those links, idol BEATS Radio will receive a small percentage of the profit, which will be used to buy more music for the station, as well as given back in the form of contests, drawings, and giveaways!

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