idol BEATS needs your help!

idol BEATS Radio♪ is always looking for help from listeners to make sure the station is at it's best! It's not easy to keep everything moving, so all help you're willing to provide is extremely appreciated! Here are ways that you can help:

  • Do you have the music of a non-mainstream idol group? Share the music with idol BEATS Radio! This music will never be uploaded online or shared with anyone. The only thing the songs will be used for is to be played on the station. This allows a more accurate representation of the idols of today, as well as giving this group/soloist a larger chance to be heard and gaining some new fans!
  • Buy singles through the links on the Single Spotlight page! If you purchase a single through the Single Spotlight page, idol BEATS Radio will get a percentage of the money. (At no extra cost to you.) This money will be used to buy more songs and keep the station constantly improving! If there is ever a single you want to purchase before the month of release, please to email or private message the twitter or facebook page about it, because I can provide you with a link early so you buying the single can still support the station. I will always reply with 24 hours, often long before. I'd be extremely grateful if you all did this when purchasing idol singles, because I could use the money to buy idol songs off itunes as well as on more CDs (which could then be used for future giveaways)
  • If you hear or see a mistake, let me know! Even when careful, mistakes happen. If any song seems to be too low of quality, the song or artist title is incorrect, or you notice anything that could qualify as an error while listening to the station, please email me ASAP so the problem can be fixed immediately!
  • Did you hear a song by someone no longer active? With all the idols popping up constantly, it can be hard to keep up on the news from all of them. If you hear a song by someone who has disbanded/gone on hiatus, please let me know right away so they can be removed!
  • Do you know of a new idol group (or soloist)? Even if you do not have the music, let idol BEATS Radio♪ know! It's hard to know every idol group popping up, but with all the idol fans out there, I can sure try! If you know of a new group and let me know, I can keep an eye out on them and any chances at being able to add their music to the station.
  • Leave your input! Let me know anything on your mind- I want to hear it! This station is for all idol fans, and I care about every listener. Let me know if you think too much of something is being played, or not enough of something. Your opinions matter, tell me what you want to hear! Be sure to also submit, ideas, suggestions, questions (and even criticism!) to me
If you need to contact idol BEATS Radio♪ for any reason, you can do so at: 

Last, but certainly not least, show your support by listening to and sharing the station. Let other people know about idol BEATS Radio♪! Tweet about a song you heard on it, make a facebook post, tell a friend! The more listeners idol BEATS gets, the more I am able to expand it and 
make it even better!

If you have your own website or blog, you can include an idol BEATS Radio player on it! (It is smaller than the one used on this website, and will not autoplay. However, if you'd personally like something larger or something that does autoplay, contact me and let me know.) It'd be very much appreciated if you used it! To do so, use the code below:

If you do add a player to your website, be sure to post a link to your website in the guestbook, i'd love to see!

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