About idol BEATS Radio♪

idol BEATS Radio♪ is an online radio station that plays Japanese Idol music 24/7. It only plays music by idol groups, units, and soloists that are currently active in Japan. It plays mainstream groups as well as "underground" groups, indie groups, local groups, etc. 

The goal of the station is to introduce current idol fans to new idol groups and the variety of idol music out there, as well as try and spread idol music all over the world and create new fans!

idol BEATS Radio♪ only plays idols but this does not mean it all sounds the same. The idol genre is growing with rapid speed, and new groups with brand new sounds and concepts are debuting constantly. Along with the typical bubblegum pop idol sound, we now have rock idols, metal idols, disco idols, rap idols, punk idols, and more! And any group or soloist that is still currently releasing and/or performing can potentially be played on this station (So long as I get the music.) However, no disbanded groups or groups on hiatus will be played. As great as the old hits were, the goal of the station is to get all the current idols noticed and listened to! The station is meant to be an accurate representation of the today's idol scene in Japan.
As the idol genre is currently so undefined, the only sure way to know who is an idol and who isn't is really based on their word. This station will not play songs by artists such as Perfume or Kyary, despite them seeming idol-like, as they have stated they do not consider themselves idols. Similarly, we will play songs by groups such as Bellring Shoujou Heart and NECRONOMIDOL, despite their extremely unique sound in comparison to most idols.

Where can I listen to idol BEATS?
Well, you can of course listen using the player to the right of the page, which will show you the song title and artist name. If you'd like to listen to idol BEATS Radio♪ without having an internet page open, you can use the below link:
The above link will open up idol BEATS Radio in your computers media player. (iTunes, Windows Media, etc.) you will only have to click the link once, and from then on you can listen to idol BEATS live from your media player.
The station is on Radionomy, which means you can find it on the website and the Radionomy app. However, these seem to have some occasional technical issues, (sadly it's not something I can control) so though they may work for some, they may not for others. I am working on more ways for everyone to listen to idol BEATS, though! Let me know if you have any ideas!

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  1. "This station will not play songs by artists such as Perfume or Kyary... as they do not consider themselves idols."

    Now I remember Kyary insisting she wasn't an idol, but when did Perfume ever say that? I actually watched a video recently (a trailer for one of their concerts I think) and the narrator called them "idols". (I can probably find it again and give you a link if you want.)

    Also, I noticed that you play Weather Girls, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on playing Japanese songs by Korean groups.

    Finally, I love your station and listen to it a lot now (it actually helps me sleep sometimes!) so thanks for all your hard work. I'm going to listen to the "new and improved" station now! :D

    1. First off, I'd like to thank you very much for listening to the station! I hope you continue to enjoy it, I have much more in store for it! :)

      On the topic of Perfume, I know they have mentioned on several occasions that they do not consider themselves idols. A~chan, specifically, has been pretty adamant about the fact they consider themselves outside the idol genre and do not want to be compared to idol groups. I would be interested in seeing this video where they are referred to as idols, though.

      As for the topic of playing korean groups in Japanese, I do not think this is something I will be doing. Of course, the station is for listeners and if the large majority wanted that it could potentially change. I think playing korean idol groups singing in Japanese isn't a good representation of Japanese idol culture, personally. Though I enjoy both Jpop and pop, even within their "idol" genre, the way the groups are treated, trained, and looked at by fans and non-fans is just completely different. I'm willing to played groups that originate from other countries, so long as they are first and foremost a Japanese idol group (despite different lineage). Another group that did a similar thing to Weather Girls was Sea☆A, where three members are from Singapore and one from Malaysia, but their music career was in the Japanese Pop Idol scene pretty exclusively. I'm more than happy to include groups like this where I feel they represent the growing idol scene in Japan, but I don't think it's accurate playing Japanese versions of songs by groups whose main job is being a pop idol in Korea. Hope you understand :)

      Thank you so much again for listening!

    2. Here's the video I was talking about: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=866366620055113&set=vb.369369099754870&type=2&theater

      I totally understand about K-pop groups. I actually figured that would be your response but I figured I'd ask anyway. :)

      Sorry if I've been asking too many questions lately. I just really love this station and want to share as much of the idol music I like if at all possible.