Friday, December 5, 2014

Vote for your favorite idol songs of 2014 + Win an idol CD!

Hello everyone! As always, thank you for listening to and supporting idol BEATS Radio. I hope to continue to constantly gain more listeners and spread idol music all over the world!
As was done last year, there will be a New Years Countdown on idol BEATS Radio this year. This countdown aims to play the best idol songs released this year, starting from 100 counting all the way down to the #1 song of the year. (The countdown will take place on December 31st, and will play several times to allow people all over the world a chance to tune in. The exact times you can listen to the countdown will be announced at a later date, so keep an eye out!)

This is where YOU come in. idol BEATS Radio needs YOUR votes. A massive amount of amazing idol songs were released this year, so I need you to vote for your favorites! To try and make the results as accurate as possible, I need as many idol fans as possible to vote. The more people that vote, the more accurate the results are for the entire idol fanbase. So I ask that everyone votes- whether you're a fan of hundreds of idol groups, or you only listen to Hello!Project or AKB or Stardust or whatever your personal weakness is. Please vote regardless.

And, for some initiative to vote, there will be another giveaway! Anyone who includes their email address when they vote (I'm also willing to accept other locations I can personally contact you) will be entered into a drawing for a free CD. The winner will be drawn at random and get to choose the CD of their choice out of what I have to offer.

Here are the choices, with CDs claimed in the last giveaway blackened out.

There is also one other way to win, similar to entry with the last giveaway. You can enter through sharing the facebook post about the New Years Countdown (located here), retweeting the tweet about the New Years Countdown (located here), or reblogging the post about the New Years Countdown (located here). Each one of these will add your name another time into the drawing, meaning if you vote, and share on all three websites, you are entered 4 times! 
Unlike last time, there will not be a winner from every website. There will be one or two winners, dependent on the amount of participation. There will either be one name drawn from all entries of any method, or, there will be one name drawn through sharing, and another drawn out of the voters. (Which means, yes, you could potentially win twice, or at least give yourself better chances.)

Vote for Best Idol Songs of 2014

Now, it's time to vote! Below are the rules and guidelines for voting:

1. You can vote for ONE to FIFTEEN songs. It's your decision. You can just put in a vote for your absolute favorite song of the year, or maybe you can only think of your Top 7. Or, you can vote for your full Top 15. You can vote for any number up to fifteen, there isn't a certain amount of spots you have to fill.
2. You must vote in order of favorite to least favorite. The song you put as "Number One" must be your absolute favorite, while the song in the last spot you fill must be your least favorite of the songs you vote for. This is because songs are ranked in a mixed system where songs with the most votes will be on top, and songs that have the same number of votes will be ranked based on how high of a position voters listed them in. So make sure you rank your songs in the correct order!
3. The song has to be released in 2014. This is simple and set in stone. The songs actual, physical or digital release date must be between January 1st, 2014 and December 31st, 2014. It doesn't matter when previews, MVs, or otherwise were released, these do not count as the release. The single must have gone on sale (or for free download from management) in 2014. The song itself can be anything from a single, album song, bside, etc. It must have a studio recording (some kinda of physical release, downloadable release, or itunes release is needed) but any idol song from 2014 goes.
4. Songs re-released in 2014 are eligible under the following circumstances: A song re-released in 2014 with a brand new arrangement or completely new lineup is allowed. However, a song without change that was, for example, released in 2013 and then also on an album in 2014 is not eligible. If there are questions about this rule or if specific songs are eligible, contact me at
5. Songs by disbanded or inactive idols/groups are eligible. As long as it's an idol song from 2014, it's allowed. Whether the group is disbanded or it was a temporary sub-unit, etc. So long as the song is idol and was released in 2014, it is eligible.
6. Please include the song title and the artist in your vote. Pretty straight forward one. Make sure you list the song and who it is sung by so I can find it easier. Romaji is preferred. 

With that, please vote below! Remember, entering your email address is not required for voting, but is required to be entered in the giveaway. If you do not have an email address or aren't comfortable giving it to me, I'm willing to accept other forms of contact such as twitter handles.

The deadline for voting is 11:59 pm EST on December 27th.

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