Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Announcement Regarding Single Spotlights

A few of you have asked if more spotlights would be added for November, as well as suggested more that could be added. Originally, I said yes, so I wanted to explain why plans have now changed.

As mentioned before, idol BEATS Radio is currently a one-(wo)man operation, so I do have limited time. Though there were many singles I wanted to add for this month, due to the limited time, I felt rather than spending all of November making more spotlights for November, and then not having enough for December when it starts and doing the same, the best plan would be to use November to make spotlights for December, so there can from now on be a lot of- or all- spotlights up for the month on the first day of that month.

So, apologies to those I said I would be adding more spotlights this month to, or if the ads have gotten repetitive due to the few spotlighted this month, but starting next month the goal is to have tons at the start (I'd like to feature every idol single release I know of each month, eventually) and every month to come! So please look forward to it!

And, of course, if you know of upcoming idol releases that may be considered more indie or underground (since i may not know of them already), please feel free to email (or contact the facebook or twitter page) with at least the idol soloist/idol group name, and the month of release. (If you have more info to provide, of course, that'd make my job easier and would be very much appreciated! Anything from single tracklist, MV links, links to purchase it, short info on the group, etc. Whatever you have to provide.)

Thank you everyone for supporting idol BEATS Radio!

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