Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The new Radionomy system is experiencing many glitches and problems. It is extremely disappointing that this has occurred right when I decided to revive the station, but sadly there is nothing I am able to do, as this is not a problem just related to my station, but all of Radionomy . The issues are related to songs and ads repeating, as well as what appears to be an issue moving on to the next days schedule.

You are all still free to listen, but there will likely be issues. I do not want anyone to believe this is what will be typical of the station. I am currently considering the station under a test period for technical difficulties. The reason I am leaving the station online is so that I can listen and observe and catch any and all errors that occur.

I will be keeping in close contact with those working at Radionomy on getting these problems fixed asap, and I will let everyone know when the problems have fixed (be it in one day, a week, etc.) and on that day I will consider idol BEATS Radio officially re-opened and at it's best. The next day a giveaway will be announced to celebrate.

Sorry for all of the issues, I hope you all still stand by idol BEATS Radio and look forward to it officially opening when these glitches have disappeared :)

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